by Mary James
“You are where you are because you thought what you thought and you walked where you walked"
-- Mary James, 2017

The ancient art of numerology can help you to determine where you are on this personal journey called life. Your own personal plan lies in your name and birthday. The date you were born contains the physical direction and cycles of your existence. Each letter in your name has a numeric equivalent that can help you find your purpose in this life path.


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Here’s how you get your personal number for 2017.

Here's how you get your personal number for 2017.

Note: Keep adding the digits together until you end up with a single number from one to nine.

Add the month and the day of your birth to the 2017 universal year, (2+0+1+7)=10; 1+0=1. The number 1 is the universal year for all of 2017.

Add the month and day of your birth to the 2017 universal year. I'm using October 22, (10-22) as an example.

Month  (1+0=1)
Day (2+2 = 4)
Univ. year (2+0+1+7)=10; 1+0=1
1+4+1 =


So, 6 will be your personal year number for 2017. Now look and see what the month and year have in store for you by referring to your personal number.

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In the process of calculating your month, you've also calculated your personal year. Click HERE to find out what it means to you.

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Now find your personal number to see what April has in store for you!
Movement is the key word for you this month. The rebirth of spring is a welcome one for one side of the world--------mine!  I live in South Louisiana there is nothing I like more than being outdoors preparing the grounds for the new season. Some of you know therapeutic this can be. I usually have the time to renew my spirits by being in nature. Checking out the perennials that I can depend on and making decisions about planting new seeds that will deliver colorful flowers throughout the spring, summer, and on to the first frost. In my neck of the woods, that can be as late as December. That is a long time that will bloom and provide color. It will be more difficult for me this year due to the awful “Flood of 2016”. I have so much to do organizing the inside of my home and I can’t play outside, “Yet”. Enough about me though, but the cycles of our life are the same as they are with nature. Surprises seemingly come out of nowhere all month long. Duties may interfere with your plans on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of the month. Just do what you must do; no more, no less; and then you can go about your business. A new person may come into your life that can be important to you in the future. This is more likely on the 9th, 18th and 27th. Dress for success! Be an early riser and dive into unfinished projects 8th, 17th and 26th. It is imperative that you structure your days and put the plans in writing. Be open and receptive to the changes that are coming into your life and you will profit from the opportunities that are there for you to enter into a journey that is very fulfilling.

You will likely be asked to be the mediator one or more situation in order to avoid unnecessary turmoil. Your sense of duty and responsibility in relationships has been cause for grief in the past and it can again. A warm and sympathetic heart is required for this effort, and you qualify there.  On the 3rd, 12th, and 21st, you may feel a little sad about putting an end to things some things, such as thought processes and maybe even associations that have been in your life for a long time. Do what you must do because this cleansing is very necessary for you to attain peace of mind. Avoid meddling and jealousy, for this will only cause you heartache. Be kind to others and keep the common good of all in your heart constantly. It is not necessary for you to always “be right”. Strive to do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do. Don’t ever forget that you are a role model for many in your family and your actions in everyday life are the cause for many who know you. You may not know some of them, but you are the benchmark for many.

Self-control is called for in all dealings. Why do people do the things they do? Who knows? What I know is that the actions of others can drain your emotional and physical energy if you allow it to happen. What others think of you is not nearly as important as carrying out your mission to find your own peace of mind. On the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th trust your gut feeling about any decision that must be made. This is the time to analyze your own thinking and use the wisdom that is within your soul to overcome conflicts. You are the only person walking in your shoes. These are very intuitive times for you, especially on the 16th and the 25th. Communication is important on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of the month, so take advantage of invitations that come your way. You never know when you will meet the person who will help to bring about “your big break”. During the second half of the month, balance and flexibility is necessary. Surround yourself with people who make you happy.

It is time to initiate the plan you’ve had in mind for a while. The opportunity to promote said plan is now. This applies to business and property issues. Your health should be at the top of the list. Make sure it is paid up in order to avoid a lapse in coverage, or no coverage at all. Personal property issues will require you to make a decision. Do not be impulsive in this matter or any other. Give yourself ample time before taking a step that that may affect you for years to come. Here’s a “for instance” Don’t do anything to your body that can’t be undone, like a tattoo that may keep you from getting an opportunity for a good job in the future. We all know that you should not be judged by this sort of thing, but, but your appearance matters when the one in charge is making a decision between giving you or someone else  who is just as qualified. The perception you give out makes a difference. On another note, read all documents very carefully before signing anything pertaining to money or property.  On the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th finish your projects. Be realistic in your expectations of others and also in your promises to them. On the 9th, 18th and 27th be tolerant of those who don’t have your level of energy and excitement about things. It is unrealistic to expect another to keep your hectic pace. Minor upsets may come your way on the 6th, 15th, and 24th.  Get some rest on the 17th and 26th.  Go within to resolve inner struggles. Try to take ten minutes a day to be alone and to meditate.

Change is almost always difficult, but to change is to grow. Now is the time to clear out some of the clutter in and around your home and workplace. You may find it difficult to do this. Be sensible when it comes to legal matters. On the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th, you will likely feel as if you are on an emotional roller coaster. When you catch yourself feeling confused, try to get above the situation and listen to the advice you would give another in your position. Your energy levels are high on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th.  It’s time to get physical work done, but don’t get so engrossed that you forget your domestic duties.  This is a wonderful time to enjoy children and friends. Children do not stay children for long, and friends become distant when they are not given proper attention. So many people, including me, wait too long to give the proper attention to the important things and people in life. Get professional advice on legal matters. On the 8th, 17th or 26th be careful if you are buying and selling anything. New interests and people are likely to appear life during the third and fourth week of April. Try not to give people too much information when you meet them for the first time. Guard your word, for it can be misconstrued.  My Mom always told me “Don’t tell anybody all of your business”. That is a lesson I am struggle with to this day.

Now is the time to implement new ideas. You will have a new surge of energy and a renewed desire to get things done. Just remember that these new endeavors come with the responsibility to follow through. On the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th, someone dear to you will likely annoy you. Try to uncover the root of the problem and you will be able to better understand this person or persons. Are you being fair in your expectations of them? Try to handle these predicaments gently to avoid hurt feelings. There may be some hesitation on your part to accept the beliefs of relatives or close associates. Ultimately you must decide for yourself when making decisions that affect your life. Remember that! Anger and stubbornness will get you nowhere during the second half of April. Just keep your own goal in mind and remember that you cannot please everyone. Some of the duties that you take upon yourself are simply not yours. Friends and family should do their part. This is especially true on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd. Children or child-like behavior by someone close to you will demand your undivided attention more than once. It could be great fun to go to a social gathering during the last week of the month.

Broadmindedness and flexibility are imperative these days. It is to your advantage to go with the flow and cooperate with those around you. Your temper and sense of humor may feel like they are going to be lost forever, especially on the 9th, 18th, and 27th of April. On the 4th, 13th and 22nd, you should spend time with family and close friends. Negative attitudes are to be ignored. An extra helping of patience is necessary around the 8th, 17th, and 26th even though you may be chomping at the bit to forge ahead on some specific plan. Do your best to keep company with positive minded people. You are like a sponge in that you soak up the emotions of others. This is a wonderful time to take a class or to begin a new mental or spiritual endeavor.  I can’t tell you enough, how important it is for you pay attention to the little things in life that you don’t ordinarily notice. Miracles sometimes occur while we are so caught up in the worldly things in life that we don’t even notice. You will be called upon to be the peacemaker on some of these spring days. If this happens, do what you can do about the situation, shake it off then find some time to meditate. It will sharpen your awareness to the wonders of the world around you

It is likely that you are more playful and lighthearted than usual. Give yourself every opportunity to derive joy from the finer things in life. You may have the inclination to write letters attend concerts, visit a museum or an art exhibit. Your cultural field can be broadened in many areas.  A short trip will do you a world of good sometimes during the middle of April. Go ahead and have some fun, but guard against being too extravagant. Remember that this is not a year for impulsive behavior. Good judgment and responsible actions are a must for you. On the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th, something from your past will come again and demand your attention. Some deed was left undone or incomplete. Even though it may not seem appealing to you at the time, this situation must be rectified. The longer you put it off, the more difficult it will be to put closure to. On the 5th, 14th, and 23rd, you will be asked to be a coordinator. It may be a family activity or a cookout for your friends. You will want to be in charge, whatever it is. Think about ways to improve your financial situation but be sure to think any plan through very carefully before you jump into something new. Something good will come of your new ideas, but it cannot be rushed.

It is “foundation setting time” for you and you are setting the stage for the next few years to come. Things cannot go on in the same way that they have been going and you realize that now more than ever. The obstacles are in your path to force you to plan a different course of action. Sometimes, when we do nothing about things and situations that need attention, the universe takes over. Legal matters must be given maximum attention. Situations that surround you will probably be more demanding than you are comfortable with, but this is your year to tie up loose ends in all areas. Plans and a straightforward and realistic approach to the responsibility at hand are necessary now. Get to work instead of talking about what should’ve or could’ve been done. Concentrate on getting results and be willing to do what is necessary to follow through on commitments. On the 9th, 18th, and 27th, you may be forced to face the facts about some-thing or some-one. Use your God given common sense when dealing with unfavorable conditions that exist in your life. Being irritable will get you nowhere fast.  On the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of the month, try hard to avoid dwelling on a relationship that is on the rocks. Brooding about a situation doesn’t change a thing. Rapid changes are taking place in your world. Be logical rather than emotional if you want to find clarification about an issue, you must do your homework. “Look into the past if you want a clear route to take for the future. Being a ‘team player’ is great, unless the team you are on goes against your morals. Many years ago I had a job that I loved. I was told by a new boss that I had to be a team player and go along with change. My reply was “Your team cheats, and I don’t want to be a part of it”.  “My job became increasingly more difficult, to say the least.”  I stood my ground and fought for what I knew was right. I retired from my position at the end of 2007 and I have no regrets to this day for being truthful and loyal to a group that was and still is a big part of my life.

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