by Mary James
“The most precious gifts in life do not have a price-tag"
The ancient art of numerology can help you to determine where you are on this personal journey called life. Your own personal plan lies in your name and birthday. The date you were born contains the physical direction and cycles of your existence. Each letter in your name has a numeric equivalent that can help you find your purpose in this life path.


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Here’s how you get your personal number for 2019.

Here's how you get your personal number for 2019.

Note: Keep adding the digits together until you end up with a single number from one to nine.

Add the month and the day of your birth to the 2019 universal year, (2+0+1+9)=12; 1+2=3. The number 3 is the universal year for all of 2019.

Add the month and day of your birth to the 2018 universal year. I'm using October 22, (10-22) as an example.

Month  (1+0=1)
Day (2+2 = 4)
Univ. year (2+0+1+9)=12; 1+2=3
1+4+3 =


So, 8 will be your personal year number for 2019. Now look and see what the month and year have in store for you by referring to your personal number.

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In the process of calculating your month, you've also calculated your personal year. Click HERE to find out what it means to you.

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Now find your personal number to see what February has in store for you!
Today, the 27th of January is a day for meeting and sharing with others. You may have the chance to talk to someone who can help to enhance your financial status. For some there will be an occasion to get together with someone who is interested in you in a romantic kind of way. It is a good day to pay attention to details and especially the body language of the people you encounter.  Sometimes you fail to realize that someone is interested in you   and you miss your chance because you don't realize it while it is happening. If you think you are being wooed, ask them if they are flirting with you. If they are not, you can tell them it is a joke. If they are, then they will probably tell you or at least give you a hint. The 28th should be shared with someone who knows you well enough to overlook your moods. It can actually get your mind off stressful situations.  Guard your words on the 30th. Hasty retorts can get you in trouble. You may be surprised by arrogant thoughts that come to your mind. Verbalize everything you think and you'll likely be sorry.  Responsibilities are front and center at the end of the month. Do not shirk your duties and make double sure to finish what you start when possible. If you are unable to bring an issue to completion, do what you can. Then make a mental and physical note to get back to it as soon as possible. There will be plenty to keep you busy on the 1st and 2nd of February. Make lists ahead of time and set up a schedule that will make your time count. Use logic and common sense to override emotional threats. If you are single and in the market for romance, you stand a good chance of meeting someone who interests you enough that you want to see them again.  I am not saying you will find the person of your dreams, but who knows?  Stuff happens!!!.

Today promises to be a busy day for you. There are things you must do and they all seem to be strewn in different directions. It is up to you to work your magic and take the "dis" out of order. Plan to do the things that are most meaningful to you first then you can do the rest. If you are guilty of excesses like spending, eating or gambling, you will be reminded of it now and throughout the month of February. There is a chance that you will hit a roadblock that will hinder one of your latest plans.  It is disheartening when a friend lets you down. Don't be too quick to judge until you know all the facts. The 29th comes with the chance to spotlight your interests. Do not agree to take on a project until you have looked into it thoroughly. You know your talents and your shortfalls. It is good to be confident in yourself and your motives, but it is vital for you to think things through. The last two days of the month could reinforce the knowledge that you cannot control the behavior of others. Excesses in all things should be avoided. Your life is quite exciting, and there are folks who are proud of your accomplishments.  Certain people who love you unconditionally will always be there for you. They may need to come to your rescue and help you with some of the quandaries you get yourself into. Expect sudden happenings on the 1st of February and more responsibility on the 2nd. I want to remind you to guard against excesses. You probably know what overspending can do to you. Overeating can do more damage than you can imagine.

Surprises are more likely than not these days.  Keep this in mind and make alternate plans when charting your activities for the next couple of days. Obstacles can stand in the way of doing things exactly as planned. The "pot-holes" in your daily life can be reminders to take another route so you don't keep getting stuck. For everything that happens there is a reason. You can learn big lessons from the little hints that surround you. There are no accidents; for everything that occurs has a cause. What makes something happen?  A person or thing makes something happen or exist therefore   "Cause and effect" is constantly at work.  This holds true for emotional and physical health as well as countless other things. Remind yourself of the importance of good friends as February arrives, because for a true friend is hard to find. Spend your money wisely and avoid impulse buys while February is new.  The month will seem terribly long if it lasts longer than the money.

Don't be surprised if your plans are upended by an unforeseeable event. Change is more likely than not on the 27th.  Success comes from putting family and duty first on the 28th of the month.   Your obligations to loved ones come before anything, even your career. It is a good idea to set some boundaries with close friends and loved ones from the beginning. If you are always "bailing people out", you may be doing them more harm than good. Teach people how to help themselves out of the binds they get into. Let them know why and where you are coming from coming from and what you expect instead of assuming they know.   The martyr -like attitude does no more than to get you in a bad mood. You are not a victim of anything other than perhaps your own thought pattern. Channel your energy in the right direction on the 31st, and you will see changes in the way people view you on the first couple of days of February. A key association can either blossom or wither as this week comes to an end.  February offers opportunities to be of service to many.

Did you know that about three quarters of the things you worry about are based at least in part on assumptions?  Sometimes we spend weeks harboring unnecessary aggravation or holding grudges. Anger is caused by unresolved emotions. It recoils and eats at you. It can actually make you physically ill so it behooves you to work on getting rid of it. Save a chunk of your time for friends and family. Think of something to do that is out of the ordinary and follow through before the month ends. If you can't come up with a good idea, try asking the Universe for an idea before you go to sleep at night and see what happens. In other areas such as your career, gentle suggestions can work better than blatant orders when you are trying to get someone to do a better job. Accept compliments graciously on the 1st day of February. Remember to pay any debts that are due to avoid the wrath of debtors. Some stores want you to charge your purchases and then resort to tricks to get more money out of you. Check your transactions carefully before you pay the amount due.  Let bygones be bygones on the 2nd. It doesn't have the negative effect on the other person involved near as much as it has on you.

Patience has been necessary all this month and is definitely called for from now to the end of the month. You really have a propensity to be thin skinned and susceptible to having your feelings hurt on the 31st. You have to figure out a way to make awkward situations seem light by knowing that the person who is agitating you is really looking at a mirror image of himself.  I read an article in a magazine once entitled "If you spot it, you got it". Try to remember that, because if a person recognizes a so-called flaw in you, it is because this flaw is in him. If not, how would it be recognized so readily? Remember that gossip is poison Believe nothing you hear through the grapevine for the remainder of the month and on into February.  Rumors abound and you can best serve yourself by listening more and talking less. When someone comes to you with whispers about another, they will whisper about you to someone else. Make sure you get the facts for yourself. A quote from Mark Twain says it best. "A rumor can travel around the world before the truth can get its pants on." There is a good chance for meaningful and prosperous employment on the 2nd.  Be alert for a chance for promotion in your current job or a brand new one that comes your way. Ask questions before you accept anything as important as a new occupation.

You may be experiencing a new way of thinking about old things on the 27th. This is a good thing because it is never too late to learn something new that can change your take on an issue that you mistakenly took for granted. The 28th is a new day and if you are helping the less fortunate among us, you are where you need to be.  Some of you are in a purpose driven mood. Your service to humanity will not go unnoticed, for people will be drawn the very essence of your spirit and some will pay the good deeds forward. On the 29th, you should probably check on the status of your monthly bills as well as your insurance policies and payments. Credit cards are so easy to use and you can max them out before you know it. Pay attention to the notices you get from credit card companies. The devil is often in the details, so pay close attention to your monthly statements. Guard against making firm promises to donate large chunks of your time during the first few days of February. It is best to wait and see where you stand when the time comes than to commit to something you that will put you in a bind.

Follow your hunches, for they are spot on this week. Pay attention to innovative ideas that can perhaps improve the quality of life for you and the others who are directly affected by the things you do. It's like "wow" why didn't I think about this before?  It's the light-.bulb over the head number. Think again and make sure your goals are reasonable. Then look into ways of putting a plan in action by February. Every great feat begins with an idea. Accept an invitation to a social event or a family outing on the 2nd.  Community events can help you to get new meaning from your life. You may meet someone who inspires you to see things from a different angle. You can experience a more peaceful existence if that is what you choose to do. Life can be so much better when you learn to listen to the urgings of your soul. There is greatness in you and it is never too late to use it for the good of all.

There is something new on the horizon and some of you are excited about getting involved because it promises to make your life more meaningful.  Your ESP is strong on the 28th. Pay heed, but know that there could be mixed signals because of the circumstances and "static" surrounding you. So don't go out on a limb on a whim, but be cautiously obedient to your gut feeling. The 29th is a day to be creative in your words and your actions. A chance meeting can lead to a new friendship. You may be attracted romantically at first but probably not for long. The new alliance that can be formed is more important and long lasting.   Fun is on tap on the first day of February, but attending a party after work can get you in trouble at home. You have to decide whether or not it's worth it.  You are apt to be a bit more sensitive to words and deeds in February. Knowing this in advance will help to tame your tongue.  Think before you act so that you avoid a bad re action that can cause long lasting grief.  It is difficult to take jabs from someone who doesn't know what he is doing himself, but sometimes you don't know the back story. This brings you to the point of assuming you personally are being criticized. Get the big picture before you cause a ruckus.

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