Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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October 15 - 21, 2017

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Tort remarks made on the 14th will come back to haunt you, as soon as the 18th. Yep, that is fast karma all right. Look into taking on a new hobby this week. You need something to stimulate your life. Some of you are too busy to even think about that, but for you, a hobby you were interested in before can help you in the business you are in now. You will likely be more sensitive emotionally to the people and circumstances that surround you beginning on the 16th. Make an effort to place yourself in positive environments as often as possible. Optimism is contagious so hang out with upbeat people. Start the day on the 19th by planning something that you enjoy. Communication with friends and family can be very rewarding to everyone involved. There is job to do on the 20th. Do it right the first time. The 21st will be a day that the plans you made earlier are likely to change. Again, think before you speak. Guard your tongue or impulsive remarks can easily complicate matters.

Think before you speak. When words come out of your mouth, you can’t take them back. Don’t put them out there unless you know what you are talking about.  You will have the opportunity to do something good for an individual or maybe a cause on the 15th.  This doesn’t have to be a time consuming thing, just a small act of kindness will be appreciated by the recipient and very good for your soul. . On the 16th, remind yourself that you are a valuable human being and don’t let anybody treat your differently. You really do have more going for you than you imagine, and certainly much more than your critics think. Put a little extra time into looking your best every day this week. Dress for success on and after the 17th and make sure your hair and nails are clean. You never know who’s interested in you for one reason or another. More people notice you than you know. Communication is highlighted on the 18th so take advantage of what is offered to you. You will have the opportunity to show off your talents. Be confident but don’t go overboard. Laughter is good medicine, but it has a bitter taste if it is at the expense of another person.  You should never try to make yourself look good by putting someone else down. Logic and common sense is needed on the 19th. Get back to basics and take care of the everyday chores that are required to keep your life running smoothly. There could be a sudden change of plans on the 20th. Someone will need your help on the 21st. It is great to help others, but you must make sure you have taken care of your own business first.

A home or office improvement project is due and waiting for you to begin today. The 16th is a good time to get the ball rolling. A little fresh paint on the walls could be just the boost you need to help lighten your mood for the months ahead. While you are busy with this new project, use the time to think about things. Holidays are coming up for the majority of you and they can be joyous for some, not so happy for others. The onset of the fall season is almost always about hard work.  If you get less joy from the experience than you did in the past, it may be because you need to change the method you are using. Allow someone else in your network of family and friends take on a little more work and expense for hosting some of the events. It’s true that some things can only be handled by one person, but that one doesn’t always have to be you. Give someone else a chance to show their talents. Close friends and relatives who complain the most are the very ones you need to put to work. Your world will be anything but dull this week and it would be wise to do some planning ahead of time. Make a “to do” list instead of trusting your memory. Put the list in a place where you will be every day like the mirror in the bathroom or the dash of your car. Turn a deaf ear to gossip and do not make assumptions based on hearsay. Some of you will be in a situation where someone wants more control over your business than they need late this week. Make it clear to them that you are perfectly capable of handling your own stuff and that you will make the decisions. Pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Get enough rest on the 21st. You will do well to take on challenges of the mind for your body needs rest.

Don’t sweat the small stuff on the 15th. Your nerves may be a little frayed on through the 15th. Don’t sweat the small stuff and it won’t have the chance to get large. Be affable on the 16th for the contacts you make can benefit you later. Surprises are plentiful all this month but especially on the 18th. Sudden happenings and shadows from your past can come about in a totally random way. Some of you feel that you are being deprived of the freedom and adventure that you deserve. It may be time to get back to basics by taking inventory of the good things in your life. Make a list of what is truly important to you. Wherever you are and whatever your feelings about the situations that surface are a direct result of the steps you took in the past. That and your thoughts are what brought you to the “now”. Running away for a day or two won’t help a bit if you are still harboring thoughts that someone else put you in the “injured party mode”. Again, I emphasize the fact that you are the recipient of whatever position you are facing as a result of your own thoughts and decisions. If you feel victimized, then shame on you.  If there is something that should be said, go to someone who will listen to your story and talk about it. Tend to your business and property matters on the 21st. Look at the bottom line for your own dealings before even thinking about helping others. Some people seem to need your money on a regular basis and there comes a time when you must set boundaries.
Some of you will be a part of social activities on the 15th and some will wonder why they are not invited to events. If you are among the latter, you know good and well you have to put yourself out there and let your friends know you are interested.  You can be just as socially active as you choose to be. There could be an issue with a good friend or family member to deal with on the 16th. A family member can be a burden on you if you allow them to use you. A person I know allows any one of her children or grandchildren to move into her home whenever they please. Even though she loves the company, she ends up working way too hard to take care of them. “She, you or I” give until it hurts. You may think this is a give and take situation that helps all around. When “she, you or I” come to the realization that it is lopsided situation and it is all give and no take, it can be cause for resentment. You know what to do!  On the 17th you can see hints of the changes that are imminent. You may have to make a relationship choice soon. This will change the way you view the connection. The more open and honest you are about your feelings, the smoother your path for the week. Be clear in your communication with family and friends on the 19th. Take and take care of your own business. Money matters need attention on the 20th due to the differing opinions about what things should cost. The facts are in black and white. Pay attention to the bottom line and stop wasting your time with useless arguments that cause undue emotional conflict.
The work involved in your everyday chores can be boring and onerous on the 15th. The amount of labor necessary depends on how well you organized your plans. Health issues, large or small, yours or someone dear to you should not be overlooked. A sudden change may interrupt your routine on the 16th. This can be frustrating but it won’t pose an undue threat to your overall goal for the day. At worst, it will bring up an important issue that needs to be noticed. Tending to it now can avoid bigger delays later. Don’t be overly critical of the people or situations around you. The moods and the emotional balance of your family and loved ones may be hard to understand. On the 18th, you want time for yourself but you are pulled toward the wants and needs of others. You are sensitive to criticism. This spills over to your financial situation on the 19th. There is a decision to be made and advice should be sought if you have doubts about it. At week’s end, you are still faced with uncertainty because of the many different ways there are to look at the situations that you are dealing with. It could be a difficult week for some of you. Do the best you can in any situation, then go on to the next stop light. New paths are opening up for you and that may be a bit scary because the old way of doing things will no longer work.  It is time to stop depending on others. There comes a time when you fend for yourself and it is coming soon.

You will likely be given an opportunity to do something differently in your everyday life so look for it on the 15th. If you have a hard time wavering between should I or shouldn’t I, force yourself to focus on the issue before it is too late and the chance to decide goes away. You will deal with splitting the time between family and business associates on the 16th. If you have to change your plans it will be because of a woman or child. Do what you have to do with good sense and logic. You will be dealing with family possessions, possibly real estate on the 19th. Make your own assessments and beware of those who would try to influence your decisions. This is especially true if you are dealing with family. Money continues to be an issue on the 20th. You will be handling financial matters on the 21st. Things may look impossible to deal with in some instances but there will be a guiding light. Health issues should not be ignored. If there is pain in your body, find out what is causing it. Guesswork is not an option.
Duties in your home and family can be overwhelming at times. You can and will do what must be done.  Most of the stress can be removed by changing the way you think about things. If you think one way and everybody else thinks differently, perhaps you should reexamine the facts that led you to your way of thinking. You need to clean the clutter in your thought process as well as your physical life. A sudden change in plans could crop up the first couple of days of the week due to circumstances beyond your control. Organization is the key to success and the 18th is a good day to get on with the process. This should not be a problem for you. Someone close to you will probably need some of your attention at different times during the week. You tire of coming to the aid of the same people with the same story over and over but there is a lesson in patience there for you. Listen to their words. You may think you know what they are going to say, but it may be different this time. You teach what you need to learn. If you have guided them in a similar situation it is important to reexamine the circumstances, for there could be something you missed before. You will need an understanding friend in the future, so be one now. You will benefit from spending a reasonable amount of time alone to rest your brain on and after the 16th. This should not be a problem for you. The frustration you feel over the obstacles you have encountered will eventually take a toll on you if you don’t slow down. Organization is the key to success and the 18th is a good day to get on with the process. You are the role model for many, young and old. You are experiencing changes and some of you are beginning to realize that the people you thought you could depend on are not there. The good news is that there is a whole new group that will come to mean more to you as time goes on.  You will get news that can affect your life in the coming years.  Please do not take the things you hear and see personally. In this day and age you must do your own research because there is way too much confusion.
You are expected to give more than you get from others, especially family and close friends.  Try not to let these things get more lopsided. You have rights and sometimes you have to stand up for them in order to achieve peace in your own psyche.  Someone knows exactly how to press your buttons. You are hardly in the mood to be around a lot of people on the 15th, and you certainly can’t deal with people who are petty. Some of you have complete control of your environment and some are at the mercy of others. If you are able to make your own plans, carve out some time alone to ponder on your position in life so far. Think about what you can do to add simple pleasures to your everyday existence Choose to be with people who make you feel good if you have a choice in the company you keep. . Keep your spirits high on the 19th for whether you know it or not, people look to you for inspiration. You have the ability to make future paths smoother for friends and loved ones.  You can plant positive seeds in the lives of people who are not as advanced spiritually you are.  On the 20th you will have choices to make in your social life. Group activities are possible and you may find yourself in the midst of it all. Petty gossip and innuendos irritate you all week long. Don’t allow this kind of thing to take up space in your head. The 21st will bring about unwanted emotions about your future. There are wise people who have been put in your life to help you to understand that it is not as serious as the drama playing in your head.  If you have something to say and don’t quite know how to say it, then don’t. Say nothing until time has passed. There is a reason for the old saying that tells you to sleep on a problem. I think that is where the subconscious comes to your aid. Sometimes people have an easier time writing down their thoughts. If you are one of those people, then start writing.

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