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by Mary James
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December 17 - 24, 2017

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On and after the 16th, some of you will be forced to share the company with folks who may lack the tact of a toad. There are no words that can say how dumbfounded and sad it makes me to see our so called leaders here in the United States of America are doing and saying things that are so reprehensible that I cannot get a handle on it. Wake up people!  The very fiber of our country is being defecated upon and will soon be flushed down the toilet.  Between this and the fact that your feelings tend to be ultra sensitive you may be a bit more anxious than usual.  Be aware of that through the 17th of the month. There is a ton of work facing you on the 18th.  Make yourself a list of things you have to do in the proper order and get busy. You will indeed survive the week as long as you do something productive every day. You will crave a chance to “get away from it all” on the 19th.  Hit the road in order to clear your mind if possible. Family issues will emerge on the 20th.  Someone close to you will need some special consideration. On the 21st, know that you may feel very much like you are by yourself in facing the trials and tribulations of the day. Sometimes we feel that way even in the midst of many. Remind yourself of all the positive people who are in your life and you will realize that if you feel alone it is the result of what is going on in your head. You may feel a bit under the weather on the 21st but you need to do things that do not require physical energy.  Take care of mundane duties early on the 22nd and start early before your mind gets filled with the other jobs that face you.

A new and illuminating path beacons you. All you have to do is to take the first step in the direction you want to go and the next step will be revealed to you.  Everything should fall into a better order for you beginning on the 16th. A better understanding of the situations around you will result in more harmony in your life. There seems to be a new sense of independence and self-confidence in your aura on and after the 17th due to the hard work you have done.  Surprise perks seem to emerge from thin air giving you reason for this feeling. Remember that it is okay to say “no” to a family member.  A misunderstanding could cause some unnecessary antagonism between those close to you.  Try to stay calm this coming week and remind yourself to listen more than you talk.  Moderation is your watchword on the 18th for this is a day that could lead you into temptation where addictive behavior an issue. It won’t be long before you enter your #3 personal year and your life should show signs of running a little more smoothly if you’ll simply relax and go with the flow. Meanwhile, you’ve just got to hang in there and put up with the hustle and bustle that is all around you. The best advice I can think of is to live in the moment. If you can handle now, then the future will take care of itself. Service is the word to remember in order to have a good day on the 19th. When you greet everyone you meet with a smile, you can’t help making their day a little brighter. Some of you are faced with making a decision that requires some thought on the 20th. You can ask someone you trust for input but when all is said and done you are the one who will decide what to do on the 2t.  Be practical on the 22nd and 23rd.  Something you have been waiting for will start falling into place.

Your mind has been like a cartoon lately. There are so many thoughts going on in your head that you cannot think straight. There is physical work to do but what’s new. This entire month is filled with seemingly never ending duties and chores with your name on them. The opportunity to change the direction in which you are going is there for you on the 17th if that is your wish and if you choose to see it. Think things through before you make any commitments. You have obligations to attend to and you will have little time for yourself, but you are happy to do things for others.  Some problems that you dealt with three months ago should be cleared up by now. You seem to be more in harmony with the world now than you were them. Some of you may feel like you did as a child of 6, if only for fleeting moments. Allow the child in you to emerge.  Remember to set your boundaries at the beginning of the week and give yourself a grade on them at the end. Let go of the baggage that is slowing you down on the 21st. Some of it is simply no longer needed. Do a good deed for someone or perhaps perform a random act of kindness. The recipient doesn’t even have to know it was you who did it. This kind of thing is what makes a big difference in restoring the confidence in humanity that some of us have lost.

Some of you are working on a project that will make a difference in someone’s life. You may be building something for someone or just doing some groundwork for that wil1 become the foundation for an important charitable organization that is just beginning. Make it solid enough to withstand the storms that may occur in the future.  Use your imagination to a certain extent, but use your common sense and allow logic to be the cornerstone. Sometimes around midweek, around the 18th you need some quiet time. This is a time for you to go within and visualize your work as done perfectly. Having this kind of faith that things will turn out as they should creates just that. You may feel a bit lonely, no matter how many people are around you. Know that this happens to many people and it does not mean that you are lacking in any way. Take time out every day and contemplate all that you have been through this past year.  Sure, it’s been difficult, but look at all you have accomplished.  Guard your health for you must not ignore symptoms however minor they seem. Grab on to the opportunity to do something with friends, maybe even go on an out of town venture. A new dawn is near and you will be able to get a glimpse of the light it brings on the 21st. You may deal with an older woman on the 22nd. Don’t form an opinion or make assumptions about what is being discussed. Listen carefully to what is being said or demonstrated. It has truth as a foundation. The 23rd is a good day to take an unexpected jaunt or to attend a social event that was not in your plans. Put your emotional ups and downs on hold and think creatively.

Bad habits have been upsetting you lately.  You must realize that you cannot control the behavior of the politically ignorant people around you. You do not have their mindset but you do have the tendency to overstate your opinions. You may have to squelch the urge. Some of you re are worried about the expenses of the season. If not, you probably need to be.  If so, you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Stick to a strict budget and you will be fine. Millions are getting ready for the Christmas holidays with less money to spend than ever before. You don’t have to spend tons of money to let people you care about them. Give yourself the gift of thinking of the things you want for a change.  People who love you may not even remember what you gave to them last Christmas so it is not necessary to put yourself in debt to make them happy. Expenses related to property could emerge on the 18th.  A new and original idea to generate revenue may be forming in your mind. Talk to good friends about this and make note of any advice or idea that comes your way. You will have flashes of inspiration from time to time. Some of your best guidance comes from your dreams. Make a note before you go to sleep and write them down. Invitations to social activities should be accepted when possible. You may tend to say “bah humbug” but if you get out and mingle you will almost certainly be glad you did.  You will have the opportunity to do a lot of talking on the 22nd and you should stop talking before you say too much.  Your views are different from the people you hang out with but you can’t convince them to think differently, so some thoughts must be kept to yourself even if you know you are right.

Friends and loved ones seem to come to you for help in solving problems.  That is because you have came through in the past when they had issues and they trust you. Try to listen with an open mind and be giving of your time and energy while saving a little time to spend on yourself.  For those who celebrate it, Christmas will be different for you in some ways this year. Some of you have stuck it out for long enough for justice in a domestic situation to finally be served. Now, more than at any time in the last few years, things seem to be more settled bringing a long awaited sense of peacefulness to you.  You fold your arms, sit back and look at all that you have accomplished. You have this gut feeling that your life is turning to a new and more fulfilling direction. There is a lot of responsibility on the horizon for you, but you can handle because of the deep spiritual commitment you have made. You may be feeling a bit nostalgic about what you left behind on the 20th.  Know that if this involves a romantic interest, it will not fade because of a temporary separation. For some of you, it will only fan the flames and make the reunion all the more meaningful. You are never too old to fall in love, or to find happiness in a union that has perhaps eluded you until now. This is a beautiful world and sooner or later, good things happen to good people.  “It is never too late to find the love of your life.”

This has been a month of action for most of the people reading this paragraph. Now it is time to think about your course of action for the near future. Write down the things you need to do for the day and perhaps even the week. A little planning and maybe a list of chores in the right order can save you a bunch of time therefore making your days a lot easier. You will be reminded of this again on the 18th.  Go forward and do what is necessary to keep yourself in balance. You should have a better understanding of your spirit as a result of focusing on yourself these past few months. Someone from your past may be reappear and cause you to feel rather sentimental. This could reignite an old relationship leading to a new friendship. Be obliging to those you care about, but don’t allow their issues become your issues.  On the 22nd, you may have to remind yourself not to wish for an old life with more freedom. You have been on the other side of the fence and the grass is no greener. Aggravation can come along with added responsibility to calm the feelings of a friend or loved one. You can” be there” for people who need a shoulder, but you don’t own their problems, so don’t absorb them into your psyche.

You start the week with the need to tie up the loose ends to finish any unfinished business or projects. Some of you will be reminded of the past and the camaraderie of being in touch with someone you truly feel close to. Try sharing some of the responsibilities on the 18th, for you will be tempted to take on more than you can handle. There is no reason to take on the entire burden alone and perhaps resenting it later. There are chores to be done on the 20th and in all likelihood they fall under the heading of your responsibility. Get the practical duties done early. You may be forced to cancel some party or trip at the end of the week due to unforeseen circumstances Don’t let it upset you because something else will come up to fill the time spot and that something may involve the opposite sex and good feelings and fun and who knows what else. Guard against getting too emotionally involved with the needs of those around you. People do need your help sometimes, but you must remember that when one is in a tight spot, they put themselves there by their own thoughts and actions. Do not make assumptions about others because of their actions and don’t believe things people tell you unless you know for sure they are right. When you are in the “he said, she said” scenario it often turns out to be a bunch of malarkey.

There is a chance that something that has been up front and personal is about to be a shadow in your life. This can be a difficult thing to accept. If you look to the past when the same thing happened in similar circumstances, you will be able to see the good that came of it and this should help you to go forward with courage. Communication with people opening up new possibilities for your overall well being will be most important to you this week. This is especially true for the beginning of the week.  Don’t expect others to know your situation or your needs as well as you do. Your company will be desired by many on the 18th. Guard against spreading yourself too thin. Family, and those who are close to you are always important, but this is most apparent on the 21st. People around you will try your nerves on more occasions than one. As I have said many times before, you cannot control the behavior of others, but if you talk some sense into yourself, you will be able to control your reactions in order to avoid making the situation worse. This can lower the anxiety level for everyone. It is entirely possible that people you keep company with on the 22nd, will act in a way brings about embarrassment. Play it down as much as possible. There is business to attend to on the 23rd. Use your own good judgment in making decisions on this day.

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