Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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January 9 - 15, 2017

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Message from Mary James, who has been a victim of the Louisiana floods. 

"This is possibly the hardest thing I've been through in my life. Mostly because I have no control over any of it. I hope to be back in my home in January, 2017, and look forward to returning to normal in the New Year."

Some of you will be super-sensitive to begin the week. Don’t be surprised if you tear up watching a sad movie on TV. By the same token you could get upset by a chance remark someone makes but this can be avoided by vowing not to take the things people around you do and say personally. If you get caught off guard by a statement or deed that doesn’t seem right, ask for clarification right then and there. Nine times out of ten, you either didn’t hear it from the beginning, or you didn’t hear it right and that is why it bothers you. On the 10th you should feel more in harmony with the world around you. On the 11th, do the chores that are necessary to keep your life going smoothly first and then you can tackle some of the projects that you have ignored because of the holidays or other things that have come up. Do something different mid week. There are opportunities out there to do something different, like joining a club or maybe you will be interested in signing up for a course in self-enrichment or spirituality. Get a friend to share some new adventures with you. You can’t bring more variety into your life by sitting back and waiting for life to happen to you. What you can do is take the first step out of the boredom and into a new experience. Don’t be afraid of failure, for there is no such thing. Every new thing you encounter teaches you something about yourself, your surroundings and about how to live a better life in general. Now don’t get into any disputes that you can avoid. Try to steer clear of arguments, especially the ones that involve family. Your jumping into the ring will likely make no difference in the outcome and you can save yourself from extra stress you do not need. Take care of money matters on the 15th. At the very least, check and make sure your bills are up to date and your checkbook is balanced.

Take advantage of social events or family get-togethers It is likely that there are a couple of events open to you. You may not want to participate at first, but there is a good chance you will have a great time if you do. There’s much work to be done this week and most of it can only be done by you, especially in the beginning. Once you start the ball rolling on some of the projects you can and should accept help from your friends or family. You will probably get more moral support from close friends than you will from family members. Get busy and get things done early on the 10th and you’ll be all set for the change that is likely to come on the 11th. There may be some obstacles in your path on the 14th or 15th, but you shall endure. Don’t worry, for the overall forecast for the week is that your life will be smooth as long as you loosen up and don’t make mountains from molehills. It is said that wisdom is knowing what to overlook in life and to know what to take seriously. This is certainly true for you this week. You will have many things to keep you busy this entire month. You can accomplish anything you set out to do as long as you know for sure what it is and why you need to do it. As long as you do what you know deep down is the right thing to do, you will be where you need to be.

There are things to do and places to go today. First of all make it easier on yourself by arriving early for meetings or appointments you may have. It is important to pay attention to everything going on around you and you can’t do that if you are in a rush. You may be tempted to gamble a bit with your with yours or someone else’s money on the 10th. Remember the fact that “there are no free lunches” in this world. You will get out of life exactly what you put into it. Furthermore, you have no right to take chances when someone else’s belongings are at stake. Use your time wisely and avoid procrastination when it comes to chores that must be done and projects you are invested in. You have put too much work in some of these endeavors to fall behind now. You will be in the position to give advice to someone close to you. Some of your friends seem to think you have all the answers to untangle the relationship webs that they have woven. Talk to them, and pay careful attention to the advice you dole out for it is often the very advice you need to take for yourself. When get ourselves into these jams, we will ultimately be the one who must figure a way out of them or suffer the consequences. Many look to you for guidance, so think things all the way through before offering your recommendations. Give absolutely no advice based on suppositions that what you hear is right. There are so many screw ups in the world that have happened because of the assumptions of a few people in the position to make big decisions. Wars are started and nations have crumbled because of propaganda. Back to a more personal note, your friends may not outright lie to you, but they may see things differently than you or others involved. You must think of the good of all concerned. The 14th is a day for putting finishing touches on the projects that are done or almost done. You may be itching to start something brand new but I would advise you to wait until the 15th to assure that things begin in a more organized way.

Do something out of the ordinary on the 9th if you are given the chance. Variety makes life much more interesting. Being bored is mind numbing, and that is not good for your physical, mental or spiritual health. There is a good chance that you will be asked to be of service to others on the 10th. This day calls for you to attend to the duties of family members and relationships that are very close to your heart and hearth. Take some time to think about your own duties and circumstances on the 11th before you begin a time consuming favor for another. Things work out so much better when all things are considered. You will likely have an opportunity to decide whether or not to go on a short trip on or shortly after the 12th. Ask someone to go with you if you are leery of striking out alone. It will mean the world to may know who is unable to do things alone. Pay attention to your surroundings for the remainder of the week and it will help you to make the right decisions on the little things that come up every day. The Universe has a lot to say to you if you will but listen. Your own body tells you what you need nutrition wise by the cravings you have. You can eat and drink pretty much what you want as long as you know your limits. Moderation is the key to a balanced and healthy life style in more ways than one.
Family issues need to be recognized and resolved if possible on the 9th. A younger person needs your help so be ready to talk to them. They are not as experienced in life as you are. Find some time to be alone on the 10th. Take your foot off the accelerator of life and let life live you in a more leisurely way. You may even look around you and see that there are roses to smell or other ways to employ your senses that will enable you to feel more content with the world around you. The 11th is a day in which you should pay attention to the material things that you are responsible for. Take a look at your insurance policies to make sure you are not over paying. Many people do not know that they should shop around for the best insurance coverage for the best price. Just because you have been with someone for years doesn’t mean that you are getting the best deal for your money. Service to humanity is emphasized on and after the 12th. People will likely come to you for answers to life’s uncertainties. Concentrate on the advice you give out during the next few days. The things you need to learn have a way of showing up in the form of problems that other people seek your help to solve. Be gentle on yourself and put a halt to any pessimistic self-judgment you may be harboring.

Today is a day in which you will need to call on your reserves of patience in your own life and in the people around you. Money issues need attention on the 10th. On the 11th, remember the adage “A stitch in time saves nine”. Take care of the loose ends that are dangling or the whole thing may come unraveled. You know that your life is turning in a different direction and that your interests seem to be going that way as well. You are right, but don’t expect this turn to be without its hitches. Keep life simple for it is, but also remember that simple doesn’t mean easy. There is work to be done the first half of the week and you are the one who has to make sure everything is taken care of. You may delegate authority but first you must know what has to be done. A good idea would be to make a list. Surrounding you this week is a spirit of illumination of and you can gain a deeper spiritual understanding if you are open, attentive and receptive..

Take advantage of the extra energy you have on the 9th. This is a good day for handling business, and especially legal issues that may be hanging around. On the 10th, do whatever you can to get rid of some of the excess baggage around you. Throw out some of that clutter that you are keeping in your closets. There are folks who are in dire need of warm clothing to wear and the excess food you may have in your pantry. Financial help may come to you from and unexpected source during the first few days of the month. You will be wise to think about your finances all during the month of January. Check your paperwork and see that your see that your current bills are up to date. A day late on a credit card payment often means a hefty late fee as well as a hefty upsurge in your interest rate for as long as you have a balance. Remind yourself to be moderate in your spending and keep a nest egg aside for emergencies. By all means, pay your own way, but allow others to do the same. Watch for someone from your past to reappear and cause you to feel rather sentimental. Be obliging to those you care about, but don’t allow their problems to become yours. Especially where money is concerned. Slow down at the end of the week and you will be more able to spot the opportunities for growth that are there for you.
Think about new ways to tackle old problems this week. If you have been chugging away at a project and can see no progress being made, then guess what? You may not be doing it right. Ask for advice from someone in the know about whatever it is you are attempting to accomplish and you just may find a better and more efficient way to do it. You don’t have to do everything the hard way. Make time to do what needs doing in order to rid yourself of the surplus baggage that you have been carrying around. This may be pounds; friends or just plain junk that you need to rid yourself of. Organize your desk or dresser drawers this week and in doing that you will be able to organize the disorder in your head. That is easier said than done, even if you know it is the right thing to do.
Take charge of your life on the 9th by planning your day ahead of time. On the 10th, stop and meditate long enough and you may observe a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. In doing that, you will be more able to help someone else during this time period if needed. You maybe asked to be the mediator in an argument or the matchmaker in a relationship. To decide whether or not to take on this task, ask yourself if you can be unbiased. Stay out of it if there is any doubt in your mind about being neutral. A friend or relative may come to you for financial help before the week is out. You can help them by pointing out ways for them to take care of their own obligations. It will help your pocketbook too.

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