Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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March 20 - 26, 2017

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Relationship issues come to the forefront on the 20th. Somebody has unfinished business with you. Some of you have more than person to that demand attention. There will be precious little time to do anything for yourself.  You will have some extra time to read about something that interests you on the 21st. Use your time wisely today for there is much to do for the rest of the week.  If you are one of the many out there who is overwhelmed with everyday work plus household duties plus requests that come “out of the blue”, guess what?  There will be more and more to do and there’s no help to be found because you have done it for so long that it doesn’t even dawn on your family or friends to offer to help. That could be because you never ask anyone to help. Some people, especially family members think you love working so hard. The older you get, the more they seem to expect. This will go on until you finally say no. Tell them when there is too much for you to handle and you need help from now on. Keep in mind that you won’t get assistance unless you ask for it. Dwelling on the drudgery will do nothing but get you down, but if you speak your mind and let folks know that you will be delegating some of the jobs out from here on out, you will likely have volunteers.  A money proposition needs your attention on the 22nd.  By midweek you will begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  You will begin to see situations and people in a new light on the 23rd. You may still be in a tizzy with all the activities on the 24th. Pay attention to details on the 25th and do what you have to do. When you have someone helping you, the things you still have to do are more pleasurable. You need to be around friends on the 26th. Call someone to go on a shopping trip with you. Just don’t overdo it.

To start your week, it would be wise to look at the projects you have underway. Finish what you have started before starting something new. It is difficult to continue on with a project when you tire of it, but you will feel much better about starting something new. The 24th is a day that everything and everyone is out to cause you problems. You may start out with a bad hair day. Don’t let it get you down. Don’t let a negative mood follow you out the door. Put on a hat and tell yourself it’s just hair and I don’t care.  If you are looking for companionship, or to just have some fun, the 25th is a good day for either. Pay attention to what is going on in your mind on the 26th?  Keep a pad and pencil in your pocket and write down your ideas as they come. There will be an opportunity for you to meet someone, perhaps an older person who can guide you in the right direction for financial gain. Tell them about your ideas and listen to what they tell you. Their suggestions may seem like too much effort to take on initially, you will think differently when it starts to increase financial fortification. When a wise person takes the time to talk to you, it behooves you to listen.

You are likely to have more responsibilities than you think you can handle on the 20th. Set yourself a schedule, stick to it and it will be done at the end of the day. Don’t crowd your schedule on the 21st. You will need to take time out to listen to the needs of those close to you.  Try not to start something you can’t complete before the day is out.   Take some time for meditation on the 22nd. Is there something you have been thinking about, like a project or maybe a hobby you’ve thought about?  This may be the time to make your ideas a realty. Just focus on one step at a time and you can achieve anything you can conceive.  Take care of business matters on the 25th. Draw up a plan and follow it. Things must be organized at home and at work.  By the 26th, you should be able to enjoy some leisurely activity, perhaps even be introduced to a new acquaintance by the weekend.

Clear away the clutter in your path on the 20th. You seem to be getting excited and anxious to get started on projects that are running around in your head. The trouble is you cannot do all the things you would like to do because there simply is not enough time. Still your mind long enough to decide what is attainable and what is not. You have far too much to do these days, so guard your health so your body can keep up with your brain.
Explore the possibility for romance. It is not out of the question on the 22nd, no matter how old you are. When someone gives you a compliment or asks a question, look them in the eye and pay attention. They may be interested in you. You have been flirted with in the past and didn’t realize it until you passed up a chance for a new friendship. It is important to remember that others are watching you this week. You are looked upon as a role model for people. Dress for success and pay attention to what is going on around you. Someone who can be helpful to you in the future is observing you. Remember also that “burning bridges” will only hinder you and your own future. The microphone is constantly “on” so keep that in mind and lose the smart cracks so be very careful what you say and how you say it.  On another note, you may be coming into more financial stability because you used your head last year around this time. Keep on keeping your eyes and ears open. You have indeed worked hard and you should be compensated.

You are very sensitive at times. It is likely that you are feeling more emotional to begin this week. You may cry because someone says something nice to you. Some people I know find it difficult to accept help from others. Take it if you need it. Look into some of the projects around you that are dragging you down. There is a good chance there are some things you can finish in a relatively short length of time. It will make you feel good about yourself when you are done.  Worrying about things that you have to do takes up just as much of your energy as doing them.  Do what needs to be done, or get someone else to help you and you will be ready to start something else when the time comes. Keep things in perspective and you will avoid hurt feelings. Some of you get lonely and depressed at times. When I start to feel that way, I try to do something to help another. Sometimes I write these scopes and realize that the advice that I give is actually what I need to learn. Give some time to the older people in your life. Talk to your children and grandchildren about your childhood. Tell them what it was like when you were their age. My mother told me some things about living through two depressions. I wish now that I had asked more questions and questioned more answers. She’s gone now, but I spent a lot of quality time with her and I know the answers to the important questions because she lived and loved and shared her essence with me. I learned from her that I have the answers within me. I have the key to my peace of mind for it lives within my soul. She was a woman of substance who lived a righteous life.

This is a time to be broad minded and forgiving with those around you. You cannot believe everything you hear. Remarks that are far-fetched and hypocritical should be overlooked. Please do not take it personally, for people say things they do not mean during the “heat of the moment”.  Change your routine and use your common sense.
You must take the initiative in order to get the ball rolling this week. It is a fine balance that you must achieve in gaining the cooperation of the many different personalities involved in your current endeavors.  You are refining solid alliances with people who are important to your future.
You are a people person today. You can explain your ideas in a way that makes people believe in you. Be careful what you say and how you say it. You are like a sponge on the 21st. You take on the feelings of others. Sometimes you feel as if you are not doing your job because you don’t have the answers. Even though you tire of listening to the same people who are constantly in crisis, you have to keep it up. You are the humanitarian and even though you have heard their problems over and over again.  It is difficult to pay close attention to problems that you have heard over and over again. Nevertheless, you must listen to the people around you.  Some are looking for answers to questions that you have become bored with.  Shake it off and try putting yourself in their shoes. Think of a time in the past when you either had or knew of a similar situation. Maybe this time you’ll find just the right words to connect with them. You have to remember that your work is not over. Guard against allowing your emotions to get in the way of logic. Pay attention to your surroundings on the 26th. You might meet someone new while visiting with a friend.

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