Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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April 23 - 30, 2017

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You are in charge on the 23rd.  If you want to start a project you have been thinking about, today is the day to go for it.  You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. You may have to associate with people who do not share your point of view about certain issues tomorrow.  This is difficult when you do not agree with their way of doing things. This is where compromise is necessary, and it is likely one of your main lessons for the 24th.  You are more likely in the mood for social activities than you are for work on the 25th. Enjoy yourself and be around people if you get the chance, the work will be there for you on the 26th. You could be in for one or more surprises on the 27th, so don’t be too shocked if your plans change. The chance is there for you to meet a new person on the 27th. Be alert so that you recognize the opportunity when it comes. This person could be a boon for you in some future venture you haven’t even thought about yet.  Some of us mouth off before thinking. If you have the urge to be painfully honest this week, it is advisable to squelch it and filter your words instead. Blurting out your thoughts without thinking can get you in trouble. You‘t have to be dishonest, you can formulate ambiguous sentences to keep from burning bridges.  It is not what you say sometimes it is how you say it.

Some of you will be working with others to begin the week. Patience is needed on the 23rd.  You don’t always agree with the way these people do things, but you can and must compromise. It is a give and take situation and you can put your two cents in but you have to listen to other people’s input as well. The 24th is a great day to get out of the house and get together with people who concerts or festivals are abundant this time of year.  Political groups have many functions you can attend if you are interested.  Venture out and participate in an activity that sparks your interest. There is work to be done on the 25th and if you want to feel successful at the end of the day, then get back to the basics of life. These include duties around the house that can be boring. Once you get into the groove, they won’t seem so onerous.  You might not enjoy every minute of this sort of thing but you will like the feeling you have when the job is done.  Your thoughts about things are important and you do not need to think of every little task as a big thing.  Sure, the demands that are made on your time are sometimes overwhelming, but that’s life.  Make sure you find the opportunity to be alone for a while a couple of times during the first part of the week.  It is necessary in order for you to take a couple of deep breaths and take inventory of what is really happening. There could be a surprise in store for you on the 26th. You have to try to get along with everyone, but you should not allow someone to talk you into something you are against on the 29th

Mix and mingle on the 23rd. You have a way about you that attracts people and they follow you like the pied piper.  It’s hard to get excited about the chores you have to do on the 24th. They are routine and boring. If you get busy with the most tedious of these as soon as you get out of bed you will likely get things done more quickly. You will certainly prevent the dread that goes along with procrastination. Try it out and see! The 25th is a day that your plans can be changed for you on a dime. Keep that in mind when making them. From my experience, the essence of this kind of day can be worrisome.  The actions of others can drain your emotional and physical energy if you allow it to happen. Being kept in the dark is more alarming to you than if someone would slap you in the face. Will I get the promotion? Will the new people in my life like me? What others think of you is not nearly as important as carrying out your mission to find your own peace of mind. Trust your gut feeling when making decisions. Trust the wisdom that is within yourself to overcome conflicts and remember that you have arguments with yourself. It could be that whatever it is that you fear is the best thing that can happen.  New plans can be carried out as long as you remember to proceed with caution. There is a thin line between leadership and what others may perceive as forcefulness, so you may have to walk on eggshells to avoid obstacles due to misunderstandings. Your new project will have a better chance at taking hold if you start off gradually. Slowly but surely will lay the firm foundation needed to build on.

Today is a day of working hard to get things done without even thinking of it as work. It is just the right thing to do. You may think you know what is in store for you on the 24th but there will be variations.  Some of your plans will not pan out exactly the way you thought they would. Remember that obstacles appear for a reason. Sometimes that reason is to get you riled up, but other times they are timing mechanisms that work in your favor when all is said and done.  As if you don’t have enough to do on the 25th, people seem to line up to ask you to add yet another chore to your list. Figure out a way to delegate some of the duties at hand to others who have more time and interest in the current project. On the 26th, it is important to arrange your schedule so that you have time to take a breath every few hours. Other people may not do things as fast and efficiently as you, but they will never be as proficient as you if you don’t allow them to gain more experience by trying. You may not agree with another on a business deal, but you must give them the privilege of sharing their viewpoints and the reasoning behind them. Sometimes others have a point worth looking into. Seek professional guidance before you sign off on anything. It is much better to be safe than sorry.
There is a detour sign in front of you on the 23rd causing you to think of an alternate route. This most likely won’t be spelled out for you, but you will get the picture. There could be some domestic duties that threaten to coincide with your plans for the 24th. Sometimes you have to attend a function that seems redundant just to keep peace in the family. A slight adjustment on your part can be made to avoid hurt feelings.  If you have a problem with a friend or loved one on the 25th, get it out in the open before things get out of hand. Sometimes a very small misunderstanding can snowball into a big feud if you allow it to be fueled by gossip or an overactive imagination. Be very careful if you are buying and selling anything on the 26th. One little decimal point in the wrong place can end up being very costly. Check your receipts and count your change. On or around the 29th, some of you will feel as if you are on an emotional roller coaster. When you catch yourself feeling confused, try to get above the situation and listen to the advice you would give another in your position. You will have the energy you need on the 30th if you psych yourself up. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Service to others is the motto for you on the 23rd. You can do some volunteer work for your community, or do something in honor of “earth day”, like turn up your air conditioner up a notch or turn a light off if you are not using it.  Some of you will feel lonely on the 24th, no matter how much activity is surrounding you.  There are times when you feel that you just don’t fit in. Think about what is real and what is important to your well being on the 25th. It is so easy to get caught up in trivial and mundane things. The things that money can buy are not near as important as matters of the heart. The sooner you recognize that, the sooner you will realize what it really is important to you...  There are many new experiences to be had if you will look around. Get rid of some of the unnecessary clutter in your path and you will be able to experience things that are more meaningful.

Anything that relates to your property and money is important as this week gets underway.  Your social, financial and emotional security is all significant to you for the first half of the week.  You need time to be alone during this time.  This does not mean you should crawl into a cocoon and hide from life, but by the same token you can’t allow people and circumstances to take over your life to a point that you are afraid of living it.  An extra helping of patience is necessary on the 26th, even though you may be “so ready” to forge ahead with a certain plan. Do your best to keep company with positive minded people. You are like a sponge in that you soak up the emotions of others. Your anger must be kept in check on the 27th. You must remember that you are not to take the words and actions of others to heart. Hang out with people who are tried and true friends during this time period.  An older family member would probably love to hear from you. A phone call may seem like a little thing to you, but it is a big thing for a friend or relative or someone who can’t get around much anymore. You will prosper from listening to someone who has been alive for a long time.  Much wisdom comes from age.
Balance the check book and check to see that all of your bills are paid and up to date on the 23rd.
Tie up loose ends on projects that are finished on the 24th. Get rid of any other extra baggage in your head and in your physical path to start the week. If you have something that needs to be done on the 25th, get up early and take the first step toward achieving whatever goal you are thinking about. It all starts with the first step. Thinking about physical work gets you as tired as if you did it, so don’t think, do…..Details are important on the 26th, so pay attention to your surroundings. The 27th is a good day to do something nice for you.  Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be costly to be fun and meaningful. Someone or something from your past will reappear in your life on or around the 28th. Some deed was left undone or incomplete and it needs your attention. You may be asked to coordinate an activity with friends or family by the end of the week. This may lead to ideas or people who can help to improve your financial situation. Enter into new friendships with caution.  The last half of the week should be used to make plans for your future security. Get real about your money situation even if it means getting expert help. Your future is only as secure as the steps you take to make it that way.
Younger people have a voice and you need to listen to their concerns about their future. This makes your future more fulfilling. The little things that family and loved ones contribute to your life are the most valuable of all. Children say profound things but sometimes we are so busy thinking about what we want and what we think we need that we ignore the most precious gifts of all. Look for the good and the honesty in people and you will find it. Look for the negative and you will find that also, but if you thoughts are more negative than positive, you have a problem with yourself. You deserve happiness and the movie that is playing in your mind has a big part in whether or not you have it. Concentrate on getting results and be willing to do what is necessary to fulfill your commitments this week. Remember that common sense is “uncommon” among your peers on the 27th, so you must use yours and tell it like it is. Dwelling on a situation that brings pain to your heart will get you nothing but a nervous rash.  Use the logical part of your mind and not the fairy tales that are being played out.  If you are too emotional you over think things and that is not practical.  Good judgment and responsible actions are a must for your future well being. Try to let go of the negativity in your past and concentrate on making things better for yourself in the future. It may seem to you that everything is uphill and hard to do this week, but you are setting the foundation for the months to come. Put your best effort into anything you do and you will be glad you did. That trek up-hill gets easier and easier the more you take it. And the view when you get to the top is worth the effort.

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