Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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August 20-26, 2017

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You can achieve whatever you put your mind to and you can do things mostly on your own. There is still a need to work with others on the 20th in order to get all the information you need on a current project. On the 21st and perhaps on a more personal level communication with others can be re established if it has been lost. This is important to you this week.  A phone call or even a text is sufficient if you can’t find the time to visit. The 22nd is a day to get busy and the ball rolling if you want to make any progress on current projects. You are laying the groundwork for something you have never done before. This can prove to be intriguing and profitable to you as well. Keep your eyes ears and mind open on the 23rd. The 24th will bring about the realization that you can find enjoyment in little things that happen. Savor every moment you have with the young people in your life and perhaps in your family. For some, it is with your own children or grandchildren. There is where the most precious and sacred memories are made. Happiness truly doesn’t have a price tag. Be glad you are able to realize that before it is too late. Find some time to be alone with your thoughts on the 25th. Your finance and property issues need your attention on the 26th.

The 20th is a day for you to do something you enjoy doing and share it with friends or family. There’s work to be done on the 21st whether you are in the mood or not. You may run into a few obstacles to add to your frustration but you must work through them anyway. Tomorrow is another day and it is important for you to pay close attention to your surroundings as you go about your business, for something is different than it was in the past and could require you to do something different to get the job done. The energy needed to do the work it takes for these duties will not necessarily come easy to you but if you focus on one thing at a time you can do it. On the 23rd you will probably have to compromise with someone close in a situation when you really want to do things quite differently. It takes a lot of tolerance and wisdom to overlook some of the things people say and do, but sometimes you have to get above the small-mindedness that seems to gravitate to you. The 24th will be well spent thinking about things. Flashes of inspiration come when you find a place where you can stay quiet long enough to meditate. My best advice for the 25th is to use your head and not your emotions when making decisions about money matters. Finish what you start on the 26th.

If you are among those who have been sensitive lately you have most likely taken many of the words and actions of the people around you out of context and ended up either hurting someone’s feelings or feeling sorry for yourself.  Use your common sense and logic to solve or resolve problems on the 20th. In doing this, you will eliminate further emotional trauma. Make an effort to listen carefully and to think about what you are going to say before you open your mouth.  An adjustment of some kind is necessary on the 21st. A change in a relationship is due. Someone or something will likely exit your life, but will be replaced by something new. This is a change for the better. So try not to worry about it. Don’t put off doing your chores until the last minute. Do what needs doing promptly so that you will be ready for what is around the corner. You will need some time to be alone on the 23rd so that you can think about the situations that are going on in your life and make plans for the future. On the 24th it is important to go over your business dealings. Make sure your bills are up to date and everything is in order so you can finalize plans on the25th. New avenues will reveal themselves to you on the 26th.

There will almost certainly be a surprise in store for you on the 20th. Well, maybe not so much a surprise that it happens but the reaction it stirs in you when you realize that your routine will be changed. This can be disturbing but you know deep down that change is the only thing that is constant and you still try to resist it. Wait until you are asked before giving advice to people on the 21st or you could become involved in something you’ll be sorry for. Stay in that frame of mind through the 22nd Things are not always as they seem to be so it is important that you avoid judging a book by it’s cover and remember that people may leave out some significant information in situations where they want you to see things in a certain way. Words have a way of meaning different things and some of your friends have a way with words. Tend to business on the 23rd and pay balances in full on the 24th if possible. You will be starting something new at the end of the week. Put your best foot forward on the 25th for you never know when someone will come up with an interesting proposal. Something is in the offering that promises to be very pleasing to you.
Homework of the domestic nature is front and center on the 20th Look for the loose ends in the domestic projects you have laying around and do what you can to see that they are tied. This will be a positive step for you in that it will make you feel good about yourself. It’s not that you are lazy, but there seem to be mental blocks when it comes to certain things. You probably think that obstacles and delays have visited you far too often for the last few months. You will be in a more philosophical and truth seeking state of mind by the 23rd. The opportunity to start a new project comes to you as early as the 24th. Be sure to ask questions if you have any doubts about its validity, and question answers if they are not clear to you. A bit of nervous tension is likely on the 25th. It is important to pay attention to all the facts and dig deep into your reserves for some extra endurance. A little entertainment will be good for your soul on the 26th. You can initiate something fun or you can participate in an event going on in your community.
Patience is needed in dealing with people who come to you for help when you want to tell them you are not happy with their behavior and that you really don’t care to try to help them. When friends and loved ones come to you for help with the same problems over and over you want to tell them to get a grip on life and get real. You can’t control the behavior of these people but you can calmly point out that maybe they are going down the same dead end street over and over. Then they come to you to ask why. Keep your cool, listen to their woes and give them the same advice you gave before. The tone of a relationship will begin to change into something new and different on the 22nd. Someone that you may be at odds with is likely to change the way they think about you. It’s a shame that we sometimes have to go to such radical measures to prove a point. It’s time to do something for yourself on the 23rd and this is perfectly fine as long as your duties are met first. This may require you to deal with a problem that you have been skirting in the past.  Don’t prejudge a situation but you can and should bring things out in the open if someone has been clearly taking advantage of you. Some of you will attend a social event on the 25th. It will not turn out to be exactly what you expect it to but you won’t be bored. There’s work to be done on the home front on the 26th. Get back to the basic chores you must complete.

There may be more responsibilities than you can handle on the 20th. Delegate some of the responsibilities to others rather than feeling sorry for yourself which can quickly lead to resentment. You may find that you can get rid of some of the work you have been doing if you get the right people to help. The people you deal with in your everyday life can change on the 21st and 22nd. Community activities are available for your participation on the 23rd and 24th.  You can actually enjoy these things as long as you keep your sense of humor handy at all times.  You must remember not to take remarks and actions personally. People exaggerate sometimes to make a story more interesting. You may think they are outright lying, but you’ve got to let resentments go. People do this all the time and it is not your responsibility to get into heated conversations to correct them. If they are all wrong, it is on them, not you. On and after the 25th, you should either try to look at things from another person’s point of view. If this doesn’t work, forget it. Don’t let anther persons’ ideas affect the truth as you know it. You may feel compelled to stand up for your beliefs on the 26th, but try to do it in a way that doesn’t burn too many bridges.  Sometimes your biggest disappointments in people can cause you to take a different path and that path could lead to something that makes you happier in the long run.
On the 20th there is something you need to finish something that has been hanging on for some time now. You are the leader on the 21st and there are many that look to you for this quality. But there are some who think you are a bit pushy. Confidence is good, but you must know that you are not always right about everything. As long as you are living in a way that you know in your heart is right, you will be where you want to be. If you allow the selfish side of you to take over, you will not only be miserable but you will make everyone who comes in contact with you miserable as well. On the 22nd you will be a bit more empathetic to the feelings of others than usual. You may feel like making amends for treating someone badly in the past. Don’t take things people say and do personally because everybody isn’t talking about you. If you start feeling blue, change the thoughts that are playing in your head. Replace the negative thoughts to positive. Think of a place where you felt peaceful in the past and contemplate on that for a while. You should be ready to join the mainstream again on the 23rd, with your sharp communication skills back in tow. You should also be careful not to buy into anything that may not be what it seems on the surface. Just because a package is wrapped in a beautiful package doesn’t mean the contents are of worth. Happiness is truly an inside job and if you can’t love yourself enough to be content at home, you will not find it anywhere in the world. Get back to basics on the 24th. Sensible issues may not seem very exciting to you, but tend to them you must. Think twice before you inflict any more damage on a relationship or you will regret it later. What you have is what you need.
Vow to put yourself first on the 20th. Don’t you worry about what others’ think about who you are and the way you do things. It is up to you to do your own thing and tell your own story. You must realize that it is none of your business what other folks think. What you think of yourself and your own actions is what really matters in the long run. It is not necessary to explain yourself and your actions constantly because “they” may not understand. Stop wasting your precious time and quit giving more of your resources or your soul than you can live comfortably with. There comes a time when you have to say “enough is enough”. Get back to the basic things in life on the 23rd Use your common sense and do what is practical to alleviate some of the little aggravations that threaten to disturb your peace of mind. Look for changes to take place on the 24th. You may take a spur of the moment trip this weekend with close friends and family members.

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