Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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June 26 - July 1, 2017

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Sudden happenings are in store for some of you to begin this time period. Information that comes seemingly out of nowhere may cause you to brood over on going somewhere you hadn’t planned to go. This can be in your mind or in your physical path. Don’t be too hasty to say yes to anything.  It is important to find all the facts you can about where you are headed to  avoid unnecessary drama. Look them in the eye and tell them simply but sternly where you stand as well as what you will and will not stand for. Improve your mind by reading up on methods and procedures in whatever you are doing. This will help you to do the job at hand with more efficiency. Sometimes the things that you need to know the most will come to you in from  close family members and other loved ones. They are the ones who will do the most for you and your future. It is you, not them, who needs to understand. Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the elders. You would rather work alone toward the end of the month, especially the 30th, than to have someone scrutinize everything you do. It seems as though you are being pulled in two very different directions and you are being pulled by the ones who mean the most to you. Expect more activity in your everyday life on the 1st.

Do not be afraid to ask family or friends for help when it seems your tasks become overwhelming. Cooperation with others is necessary to get you where you are going. People want to help you but they can’t know that you need it if you stay to yourself. Get out and talk to people about your dreams and your goals.  It may be difficult for you to open up to people because you perhaps stayed to yourself for the last few years. This is the time to do it.  Balance is so necessary to you at this time, but sometimes it seems almost impossible to attain. The 26th is a day for organizing paperwork and getting your stuff together. Be patient with your own emotions. Money has likely been on your mind all month but it is time to think about your goal and most of all take a step toward it. The 27th is a good day to make some decisions and to make plans to take action. Some form of acknowledgment comes to you for working hard the past few years. You may think you know what others are thinking, but you do not, so don’t take actions or words of others personally. Think before you speak on the 29th and 30th. Listen carefully when people speak to and don’t allow little disagreements to frustrate you. July l is a day to get your ducks in a row. Use common sense and courtesy when dealing with people who are in a position to help you professionally. Keep your feet on solid ground and your mind on your goals. It may be necessary to re-examine the process that will help you to attain your aspirations in a more structured manner. You are in a place in your life where you have to think ahead when making judgment calls. Do not allow anyone to back you into a corner and demand an instant resolution. Your future and perhaps the future of others are at stake.

Do you feel that you are in a rut? Take some time to do something to get your mind off the mundane chores of everyday life. Relax a little while you can. Go to a movie or read a book. It is back to work on the 26th  and you must pay attention to details.  If you plan and organize your duties, you should do just fine. Someone needs your emotional support on the 29th. Be careful when you put your feelings into words on the 30th t. If you can’t figure out how to approach a subject, it is probably wise to remain silent. The opportunity will come to say what you need to say when the time is right.  If you need some help with a problem or a project you are dealing with, go back and revisit a similar situation you were in 2 or 3 years ago. Whoever or whatever or whoever helped you then can help you again. Don’t allow somebody to talk you into something you may regret on the 1st of July. Remember to ask for clarification if there are any doubts.

It is time for you to get more organized and to think in terms of money and the material aspect of your life. A different set of circumstances is in the works for you and you must adapt. When dealing with this change, you must get your point across in a concise manner to avoid misunderstandings or unnecessary drama later on.  You are ready to go forward with more confidence, for by now you should have put some old issues to rest. Keep in mind that the delays that you encounter during the last part of the month are only timing mechanisms that will get you where you need to be whenever and wherever that may be. You are in a good place now, so try to avoid over-analyzing your every move. Think of what is best for you right now stop worrying. You try so hard to be understood and it upsets you when you cannot get your voice heard. Guess what?  You are being heard loud and clear. What you need to understand is that some people choose to do things to line their pocket-book or for self-glorification. Your work is not going unnoticed and the sooner you realize this, the better. Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today. Pay attention to family and close relationships and plan an activity on the 30th and the 1st day of the new month.

Talking to an old friend about memories on the 25th could turn out to be a quite poignant scene to begin the week. Try to keep your emotions at bay. When a friend or loved one is facing an obstacle you should be there. Just be there to listen for there is no need to worry about what to say. Be cooperative if someone asks you to join in on a project or activity. You will have the chance to come to a better understanding of a certain situation because of an unexpected encounter on the 27th.  If this happens to you, it will enable you to identify with colleagues on a level that would have been impossible for you a few months back.  It is amazing that a slightly different vantage point can make such a big difference in your attitude toward certain things and people. Diplomacy is a must during this time period, for you will be called upon to be a mediator in a situation. Your intervention can make it possible for peaceful dealings in the future.  Cooperation with others is imperative. It is important to focus on the matters at hand on the 30th. A slip up on a special task can cost you time and money. Setting a firm foundation for your next endeavor must be first on the 1st.

Try to concentrate on the positive on the 25th.  Keep your sights on diplomacy when dealing with family issues on or around the 26th. 
You should have a bit more harmony and serenity in your life as the week gets under way. This is certainly welcome in your world after the perils of the last few weeks and months. You know how to encourage loved ones and you will have to use your talent to calm nerves and listen to them on the on the 27th. You are appreciated more than you know, and this will become evident in the middle of the week.   Enjoy the amusement and activities that fill much of your social life if you choose to participate. Be adaptable on the 29th and it will help to sort your scattered thoughts on the 30th. You have the funds you need if an unplanned expense on the 1st. Expect changes in routine as the new month comes into view. There are many in your world who tell you they have all the answers, but few who really have the good of all in mind. The decisions you make affect everything around you. It is good to answer questions honestly. If you don’t know the answers, ask someone who will share their wisdom with you.

If you start the week feeling overworked and underappreciated, you are not alone. It is likely that you have been driven to bring hidden truths to the surface in an area of your life during this time period.  Your voice will be heard, but it is advisable to use some tact with your disclosures.  In doing this, you will have the opportunity to continue to reveal “the rest of the story” in a complete and precise way. Like a composition, it is wise to save some of the facts for the crescendo that will come in your #8 personal year. If you go for the whole ball of wax now, it could hinder the opportunity to really make a difference later. Hard work and mundane chores must be performed this week whether you like it or not. Duties that go along with managing your life and your home probably hold little appeal to you. Set a schedule and stick to it. Dreading an unappealing assignment uses as much energy as doing it. Be practical on the 27th when a family or relationship dilemma comes to your attention. It can be an emotional time when you deal with people you love.

You have arguments with yourself when wrestling with the material verses the spiritual aspects of your life. It is okay to be undecided about a course of action at this time. Rely on the happenings of your past to decide on your next steps The thoughts you had and the steps you took during the last few years have brought you to the place you stand now. Say yes to social invitations, for the chances are good that you will form new friendships that can be important to you in future career or business dealings. When you get to these functions, you must be very careful that your words are not misinterpreted. Remember that everyone may not understand your unique “sense of humor”.  Sudden changes in plans after the 27th are very likely and shouldn’t alarm you. There are times when the universe works in ways that you don’t understand.  Don’t fret over things on the 1st. for you need to take a break from work and worry.

Your thoughts are likely scattered as you begin the week. Take time to ground yourself by taking deep breaths when you realize this is happening in your mind. Unexpected relationship issues may bring about sudden and unexpected changes during the first few days of this time period.  A relationship issue has been on your mind for most of the month of June. The uncertainty you faced earlier in the month is beginning to make more sense to you. It seems that you are going through transition in almost every area of your world. A new hobby or a workshop may be available to you during the second half of the week. There’s not a dull moment for most of you during the entire month. I don’t see much changing in that regard as the July enters the picture.

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