Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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February 10 - 16, 2019

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Please do something to conserve energy this week. You could plan out a route that will save you gas if you are going out to run errands all over town. Be proactive in doing your part to clean up our environment. Recycle by taking boxes or bags to the grocery store instead of collecting more of those little plastic bags that are not recyclable.  If you do bring the plastic bags home, please donít throw them in the trash. Save them and take them to a thrift store so they can be used again. Some grocery stores recycle them, so you can take them back there. Do something, even if it is to use less paper towels, or to unplug the appliances that you seldom use.

Take care of the matters that are necessary for your everyday life. Don't take the little annoyances in life personally. Just take care of things as they appear and go on with your life. Somebody needs your support on the 12th in some way. They may need to talk, maybe to listen, or maybe just to be near. This person, probably younger, seems to be wondering why he or she is getting the cold shoulder from friends or family. Listen to the story, but don't assume it is as simple as it seems. There are three sides to every story. My side, your side, and what really happened. The experiences you are going through in life dictate the perception of any given situation. Some people feel the need to be right all of the time. When we give up that need, it makes for a smoother, gentler path through everyday life. Take the time to pay attention to choices you make on the 15th and16th. Choose something fun for you.

Anxiety may be the result of the responsibilities that you have take on in the last few months. This is likely because you made promises in the past. Promises cannot be kept if someone behaves in a way that can be life changing. Don't put yourself in a position to take the blame for things that you have no control over.  Let this be a lesson teaching you not to volunteer for any and every project that comes up.  Some of you are bothered about an ongoing source of aggravation. You worry too much about other people when you should be taking care of yourself. Negative thoughts will make it worse.  Take some time to be alone and to think things over. You know that as long as you do the right thing, you will be fine. The sun shall rise again and your life will be less of a hassle. Now, though there are chores that must be tended to and you do not have to do everything yourself. Give someone a chance and try not to complain if they are a little slower than you like.  We always want to know what is next and we wait and wonder when. Brooding about mistakes of the past can only bring regret. Worrying about the future brings anxiety. It is now that tells the story. You cannot hang around people that you do not trust. You deserve better.

Don't sweat the small stuff as the week begins. If you let the little things in life bug you, it will distract you from your goals. Guard against impulsive spending. Buying something new makes you feel good for a while, but it is only a quick fix.  If you have been wrongly blamed for mistakes made at work and maybe at home, you will finally be vindicated. There is proof in the numbers and folks will be more open and receptive to you by the end of the week.

Sometimes we enjoy the social scene, so take pleasure in mingling if that makes you happy. On the other hand, a good book may bring you just as much satisfaction. Service to others is highlighted on the 12th. You may be asked to assist someone in putting something to rest. It may be a relationship, or it may be a project. Whatever is dead must be buried. Duties call on the 13th but there are certain things that you must do. The quicker you get them done the better. There will be barriers to overcome on the 15th and 16th, but most of them were put in place by you. You can remove them with a little determination. Then, you must get back to basics and clean up loose ends so you can be ready to go forward when the next opportunity comes around.

You may finally be compensated for some of your hard work of the past, but it may be in praise rather than money. Take advantage of this time period to reconsider the things that you have done and to make plans about what you want to do regarding all the changes that have taken place. A pause for self-evaluation is definitely called for now. Your dreams can be a valuable source of illumination for you if you'll pay attention. Pay attention to your dreams for they tell you where you are and why. Don't be surprised if you feel alone and misunderstood in your world many times in February, but know that you will break out of the boredom by next week and for certain next month.

You must try your best to accept people and situations for their true value and stop seeking a perfection that does not exist. The 11th is the day you should promote yourself, especially where money and work is involved. Pay attention to detail and know what you are talking about when seeking to step up in your work and salary. This means you should stay away from misguided people and don't take anyone else's word for anything. Adjustments may be called for in certain situations on the 16th.

Be on your best behavior and think before you speak as this week begins. Your voice is heard by many and sometimes you have to keep the smart cracks to yourself. Stinging words can't be taken back.  So far this year, many of your experiences, plans, and actions have been leading  toward getting rid of excess baggage. The time has come for you to think ahead to new paths and new ways of thinking. Be sympathetic and gracious in your approach to others, but set your own boundaries. Don't let a change of plans upset you on the 14th.  Have faith that a greater power is at work, and is leading you in the right direction.

Improvement to your overall well being can come to you as a result of what you once saw as an obstacle. You may not see the whole picture now, but some of those impediments are actually timing mechanisms. Careful planning from now on until the end of the month can bring this about. New beginnings in business affairs are emphasized all month long.  Anytime we face new beginnings in our lives we face adjustments that may change our future, it is a bit disconcerting. Could it be the comfort zone issue?

People will want to be in your company today. You are in the middle of a very creative period in your life now You are able to express yourself in a way that is interesting to everybody. You will be super-perceptive this week. If you are in the midst of being a referee in a squabble between friends, remember to be fair and unbiased. Guard your actions and don't share all of your thoughts with others. Your imagination could cause you to be overly dramatic at a totally unsuitable time later in the week.  Remember, I warned you.   Be very careful to keep your promises, social or otherwise.

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