Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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May 21 - 27, 2017

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The opportunity to take command of a situation is near.  It may be personal or it may be in your work, but you will have to make the first step. Adjustments will have to be made to meet the needs of your circle of friends and associates. Organization is the key word for this week. Sometimes the clutter that is around you is more than you can deal with.  In two years you will be dealing with whatever it was you did not finish in the prior year.  This week is a good time to get start by clearing your living space of things you do not need.  The untidiness in your physical space is symbolic of the clutter in your mind. Take care of the basic chores on the 25th and take pleasure in the small accomplishments. Keep in mind that you may be a bit unsure about a situation that comes up during the latter part of the week. This is one of the times when your first impression may be wrong. Just because a package is wrapped with gold paper and a fancy bow doesn’t mean there is something wonderful inside. There may be nothing inside, so don’t get overly excited about outer trappings. Relationship issues come up on the 27th and it could be that you have ignored your duties on the home front.

As the week begins, some of you will be super-sensitive about the conversations that are taking place around you. You may even think they are talking about you when in fact, it is not the case. Don’t take words or actions personally and for goodness sake don’t invent an unnecessary worry in your mind. Don’t worry what others may be thinking about you. If you hear something that catches you off guard, brush it off---for if you make assumptions about they say or what you think they think. You are using valuable time that can be spent on your own advancement.  The see-saw you are on is of your own making.  You may be as happy as can be, but if someone criticizes you or just look at you funny, you become deflated. The best thing you can do this week is to remember that whatever happens, you must not take it to heart. When you are still holding onto resentment, real or imagined, the other person has probably forgotten. Sometimes we make assumptions about things that are really not the way they seem. The last few months may have been hard, but not all the things you are paranoid about even exist. Try to control the urge to overdo anything on the 23rd. You are trying to please too many people. You are in a position to enrich the lives of others by being ethical and honest about any and every situation that presents itself to you. Edgar Cayce often said that if you do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do; you will be where you want to be.  If the latter part of the week finds you pouting over something you think is happening you are wasting your time. If something is bugging you, go to the source and ask why instead of creating an elaborate story in your mind.

Balance is important to you as the week begins. You can accomplish that by putting more variety in your schedule. Your ability to make or keep money is front and center this month and demands more of your attention beginning this week. Look for opportunities to advance in your career or increase the balance of your bank account. If you are looking for a job a break may come from the most unlikely friendship or situation.  There could be some delays or changes in plans that block your path. If this happens, remember that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the Universe puts things in your way to make you stop and think. Make good use of your time on the 23rd by doing a little research before making decisions, large or small. Think before you speak on the 24th, for it can keep trouble away on the 25th. Remind yourself often that time is precious. Who you know will be important in the terms of “getting ahead” by the end of the week. Pay attention to what is going on in your mind and use your common sense when evaluating your thought process all week long.

Get the word out that honesty is the only policy. Tell it like it is and you will save time later. Get busy and do whatever it takes to finish what you start early on this week. You will be glad you did when a surprise comes your way on the 24th. Relatives or those who are very close to you may need your help on the 25th. Do what you can but remember that they will never learn the lessons of life if they are constantly being bailed out. Take some time to be alone on the 26th and watch your spending for things in and around the home on the 27th.   Chances are you will change your mind on acquisition when you realize that what you really want is to eliminate some of the clutter you already have before adding to it.
You are looking at situations in your life quite differently than you did a year ago. It is your turn to do what you want to do for a change instead of facilitating someone else’s life. Changes are taking place in your life so fast it makes your head spin. A surprising turn of events may offer you a wonderful new opportunity. Patience is needed, but you will have to remind yourself of that often. Promote yourself and your abilities and it will pay off for you on the 25th. Try to avoid expecting too much from yourself. Sudden change is scary, but necessary. Someone or something from your past will reappear during the second half of the week. Perhaps this will happen on the 26th or 27th.
Some of you feel that you are deserving of a meaningful union during this month of May. Good people are in this world and you can find them if you look around you. Seek friendship first and if you find that, it may result in a relationship that can be lasting. There are people in this world that are truthful and honest. You can find this by taking your time and seeing through the frivolities. When is it going to be my turn to be content? It is always someone else’s turn to be happy, or so it seems. Your day will come when you realize how much you have to offer and attracting same. The message in your head is the mission of your future. Maybe you should think about that and get rid of as many negative situations that are in and around your life. You will come closer to feeling that you are moving in the right direction when this is done. You are in a transitional period in your life and whether or not you can see and feel the imminent changes, they are indeed coming.

Ponder on the goal you are seeking at this time. Are you going in the right direction to achieve your objective? You need to decide whether or not you are still on course. If not, you may have to make adjustments.  You will have the opportunity to promote yourself as the week begins. Your life is quite different today than it was a year ago. There are many possible roads offered to you. Take the high road. So many social events are offered. Your ability to communicate depends on the way you feel. If you spend time talking to a certain group or a certain person, think about how you feel about them after it is over. If you had a good feeling about that conversation it is good. If you have a bad feeling about it, don’t waste your time on them again. Time is too precious to waste.
The time has come to think about what you need to do to keep your business ventures moving forward. If you have no business to tend to, then look at the circumstances surrounding your material assets. Make a list of the things that you have to do and start doing instead of dreading. Take care of these issues early on this week. You must be practical and logical in order to succeed. If you feel like you are the one doing all the work in every area of your life, you probably are. Just keep putting one foot after the other and do what you can. You will see some relief before too much longer. Remember that delays are time mechanisms to get you where you need to go when you need to be there. It is important to realize that you are doing the right thing and to forget about whether or not others are carrying their share of the load.
Take care of business relating to your financial well being, then go forward to embrace the new experiences that seem to show up in your life on a daily basis.  Observation of these happenings acquired by the senses can lead to new and exciting opportunities. You may be surrounded by people who do not approve of the path you are on and the methods you are using, but it really doesn’t matter. If they cannot support and travel beside you, then you must leave them behind. This can be a little emotional, but you will get over it and on your way to meet your destiny. You have words that people need to hear and your intuition is super sharp on the 27th.  It is time to let go of a thing or a feeling.  Clean up the cobwebs in your mind as well as in your personal space. I know from experience that this is easier said than done. “Life is simple, but far from easy”.  Edgar Cayce often stated this .in his writings.

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