Your Weekly Numberscope
by Mary James
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March 18 - 24, 2018

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Life is simple, but it is not easy by any means. You have been in a transitional period for the past few years. Living day to day can be difficult. Physical emotional and spiritual work is always facing you, and this week is no different. Change happens, but not necessarily at the exact time you want it to. Sometimes it is in the works even though you can’t see it happening. You will be able to see how only in retrospect. Try to stop dwelling on the what-if and face the what-is. Chances are that you are not getting due respect from others these days. You know that a much needed change is coming, but you don’t see anything happening yet, a little more time must pass and a few more details must be tended to before it becomes apparent to you. If you have been waiting for your life to become smoother, you have to do more than just wait for things to magically happen. If your life is stalemated you must look at what you are doing to get out of your rut.  If you’ve done nothing to change your thought process, you will be on the same path and end up in the same situation over and over. If you want to change unwanted circumstances in your life, you may be able to look back at what you have done differently in your past in similar situations. If things got better, think about what you did to speed the process on. There is work to be done that will require you to roll up your sleeves and get physical. The way you think creates your truth and if you have not succeeded in changing your thought process, made an effort to change your thoughts, you will be in the same situation you were in the past. Remember this and act on it. If you want to build a good sturdy structure, your foundation must be strong. If a project is worth doing, it is worth doing right. Some of you will have the opportunity to strengthen a fragile relationship toward the middle of the week. This may involve you spilling your guts or it may be as simple as of taking the time to lo listen to the woes of someone close to you. When you show compassion for another, it will benefit you sooner or later. No act of kindness goes unnoticed. You can get some of your projects out of the way if you finish what you can on the 23rd. Get an early start and jump into the task before you have too much time to think about it. The 24th is a time for being with people who have positive outlook on life. It is also time to consider doing something you’ve never done before. Your lifestyle has changed and your mindset has to follow suit.

Don’t be upset if your plans go awry on the 18th. Chances are you will be in a better place after all is said and done. A different path brings about a better experience in the long run. Take advantage of sudden changes for they are often timing mechanisms to get you to the right place at the right time in the future. Don’t worry yourself about the behavior of other people. You are not accountable for anyone but yourself. The entire week is full of surprises and some of them come in the form of special requests that in turn can bring about more responsibility than you are not ready to commit to at this time. Don’t agree to anything before you have had a chance to think about what all it entails. Find some quiet time on the 20th. You need time to be alone with your thoughts for a while to sort them out. Your peace of mind will likely be fleeting 21st until you realize that the delays keep coming or a reason. Keep this thought in your head to keep it from becoming overwhelming. Talk about politics will almost inevitably lead to disputes. Even if you have different views, think before you speak else you will surely get yourself worried to a frazzle during the latter part of the week. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by getting yourself into a flap over stuff you can do nothing about. Promote yourself any chance you get on the 24th. You will have an extra amount of support when attending organizational and business meetings. Take a common sense approach to life and let your supporters know that you value them.

Close friends, family and other loved ones take center stage on the 18th. You have responsibilities to your family, your studies or your job. Discipline should be exercised whenever and wherever necessary. The most important application is to yourself and your actions. You can’t behave consistently in a way that is not constant with the way you see yourself.  Home and its true worth should be more apparent to you during this time period. You are learning how to help others, but more important you are being taught how to let go of other people’s problems long enough allow them time to work things out. You don’t have to agree with everyone around you in order to respect their views and opinions. On the 21st, do something nice for someone who has consistently gone out of their way to help you in the past. It will make them feel appreciated and it will actually make you feel better about yourself. Humanity needs more good deed doers and less greedy-gut self absorbed takers. 

So your life is not always a bowl of cherries!  Instead of a “woe is me attitude”, think about what is going through your mind regularly these days. If your thoughts are negative, there’s a really big part of your reason for bad moods. Stop this pattern by changing your thoughts to happy ones as quickly as you recognize this mode. Physical energy may be low the first couple of days of the week, but your spiritual energy brings new inspiration that can help you with studying, reading or writing about the things that are unseen and unknown by others. You are able to tap into that higher plane on the 18th. There is likely a project or two that may needs finishing touches on the 20th. Take care of that so you can get on to the new ones.  Make sure you have everything you need before you start a new one. A good foundation is necessary for success. Stay busy for the rest of the week and stay in close contact with the people you care about the most .It is vital that you handle business and property matters on the 19th and don’t hesitate to consult a specialist if you have questions. There is likely a project or two that needs finishing touches on the 20th. Take care of them so you can get on to the new ones. It’s a good idea to make sure you have everything you need before you start a new task. There is an opportunity to go in a different direction on the 21st.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to drastically change your life, but recognize that adjustments are necessary to aid smooth sailing at times. When the winds change, you have to adjust your sails in order to stay on course. . Romance is not out of the question at the end of this time period.

You may think you have hit the jackpot to begin the week. Don’t get too excited if you discover some extra money in your budget on the 18th because you will likely have a surprise expense to tend to soon after. The 19th is a day for checking up on the work you did most recently. Make sure everyone is happy with the way things turned out. New ventures promise to be exciting beginning on the 20th and beyond. Prospects are good for you then. Watch for great opportunities in business and pleasure. You are heavily influenced by the company you keep and by your other surroundings on the 21st. If you have a choice, stick to things you are comfortable with and people you trust. A business deal may sound really good to you on the 23rd, and indeed it may be. What you must do is to think carefully before you jump into something that could prove to be a heavy load later. Sometimes these promising ventures become a burden to you because they last so long. Is it worth it? Another opportunity comes to some of you on the 24th. Now this may be an exciting challenge that you feel you can achieve. If you think you can ----you can!

The 18th is a day for an ending of some kind. Don’t get alarmed, for it is probably something as simple as finishing the last chapter of a book you are reading. The 19th is a day to take some kind of action toward starting something new. A day to take the first step on a new path that will take you to a new destination. You will be seeing things from a different point of view on the 20th if you really listen of others and try to understand their point of view. Keep an eye out for the possibility of a romantic interlude close to home on the 21st. Pay some extra attention to the people who are already in your life. There just may be a spark that can ignite some old feelings of love. The time and effort devoted to facilitate a family gathering will be worth it on the 23rd. This will be obvious to you by the end of the week. Some days it seems as if everybody you know has problems and they want you to solve all of them. Everywhere you turn there seems to be somebody who wants more from you than you are able to give. Don’t take it personally and it won’t be. You set things up this way to help you to learn some of the lessons you are here to learn. Once you do this, the new chapter can begin in your own life.

Take inventory of your belongings. This means your bank balance and your investments. Do not take anyone’s word for anything where money is concerned. The people closest to you have screwed you there in the past and some of you are about to let it happen again. Then take inventory of yourself and figure out if you are happy with the person looking back at you from the mirror. If you are, then keep on the path you are on. If you are not, then it is high time took another look at the road you are traveling. You have come to a point in your life where it is necessary to make some important decisions about where you are going from here. Even if you don’t plan to do anything right away, it is not too early to make a provisional plan for the future. The 21st is a good day to take the first step in making your life better. Some days it seems as if the entire world has a world has problems and they want you to solve them all. The last two days of the week will be confusing and difficult for some of you. Every time you turn around there is somebody wanting more from you than you are willing to give. You can say no to some requests just because you don’t want to say yes. Don’t take it personally and urge others to do the same. You set things up this way and you have to change them if you want a change for the better in your own life. Who is there for you? Nobody is if you don’t think you deserve it. You deserve more and it starts with admitting that to yourself.

Read the fine print in anything you sign your name to. Pay careful attention to the people who surround you. Details are of utmost importance in every way imaginable these days. Don’t butt into the conversations lest you miss an important detail. Listen to what people are saying and what they may be omitting. Body language tells you as much as words these days. Make sure your bills are paid and that your checks and balances are accurate.   A bit of romance could be available to those who want it. Get back to basics on the 19th. You are setting the pace when it comes to activities with friends for months to come. Try to avoid anything that will lead you to over doing things on the 20th whether it is eating, drinking or spending money. On the 21st you should avoid making a quick judgment regarding family or anyone who means a lot to you.  Keep your temper and your words in check on the 24th. Strive to be completely honest with the people who care about you. You can do this by being logical instead of emotional.

Attend social activities if you get the chance on the 18th. You will be the center of attention but you will have to guard against talking too loud and bragging too much about your accomplishments. Get back to basics and use your common sense on the 19th.   Be above reproach with your word. We forget how powerful our word can be and how profoundly others can be affected by it. Think before you speak and try to listen very carefully to what others say. You are more intuitive than ever these days, so follow your hunches. You can make great strides to help yourself and others if your heart is in the right place. A social occasion may seem like a chore to you on the 21st, but if you can tolerate certain people you will be rewarded. You will be made aware of a deeper meaning for your life and purpose on the 23rd and this will enable you to stay calm and cool as the week ends.

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